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How to Choose the Best Cricket Kit: A Complete Guide

India is a cricket-driven country. It is an important part of the day-to-day of most people in our country. And with the introduction of limited-overs cricket and T20 leagues across the globe, the popularity of cricket is even more on the rise. More people are getting to know deep about the thrills and excitements of the game of cricket.

 Although the cricket game provides visual aesthetics and pleasure to the audience it is a highly dangerous activity than what is seen in front of the naked eye. People who took the game professionally will be certain about the safety precautions that should be taken in order to accomplish safer gameplay. If the participants do not take the necessary safeguards, the activity may well become hazardous.

 A cricket kit is an important component used to protect themselves from harm. Even though there are many cricket kits available for purchase in the market, it is necessary to check them ourselves. The quality of the equipment should be prioritized, and a major portion of the money should be set up for the purchase of the appropriate cricket equipment. The quality of the equipment plays a crucial role and there are many factors to consider before buying a cricket kit. 

We will be listing the necessary actions to be taken before mindlessly buying a cricket kit. 


Cricket helmets are the most important when it comes to the safety equipment in a cricket kit. They are usually made of Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber. Both are durable and vigorous materials and are used to make cricket helmets. Fiberglass material is a bit heavier than Carbon Fiber and will not be comfortable when you are playing longer matches. If the size of the helmet is bigger and heavier, it can become tough for the batter to handle the weight and it could result in pain.

Carbon Fiber is much lighter because of the combination of Kevlar material which can offer more protection. Following the demise of Australian batsman Phil Hughes in 2014, the ICC has declared batters to strictly wear helmets. International batsmen are frequently seen using neck protection as well. For extra security, you’ll need to purchase a solid helmet. 

Your helmet must sit perfectly over the forehead and ears, all the way down to the hump on the back of the forehead. In addition, inspect the inside cushioning for further safeguards. Certain modern helmets will also include variable controls for the grille’s location.


Choosing the best pair of gloves is the most important thing when it comes to batting in cricket. You need the perfect pair of gloves that fits perfectly with your hand to hold the cricket bat and play the cricket shots comfortably. Gloves are used for the protection of hands and it is necessary to wear something underneath the original gloves to avoid sweat. 

The glove is considered as an extension of the cricket bat as the glove area comes under the area where the bowling side can appeal for a catch. Gloves are an important piece of equipment because they safeguard the wrists against strains and fractures. Gloves also help you with a stronger grip on the bat and help with stress absorbance when you’re selecting your strokes. The material of the gloves is highly important when you select a pair of gloves.

A cricket ball is a heavy object and the gloves should be strong enough to absorb the shock at the time of heavy contact. Cotton, Nylon, and Leather are the three most common materials used for making gloves.

Leg & Arm Guards

Guards are as highly important as any other equipment and it is important to make sure that you always have good quality guards while you play cricket. The arm guard and leg guard often come in contact with the leather ball and there is a high chance of facing injury if the guards are broken. 

Leg guards are worn inside the jersey to protect the knees. It is often used while facing pace bowlers as there is a higher chance of bowlers throwing the ball directed towards the leg for LBW and with the pace of the bowlers, batters should be extremely cautious about protecting their knees. Choosing the properly sized safeguard is crucial since a bigger one is an obstruction when sprinting, whereas a tiny one could not be enough. 

Arm guards, however progressively falling from popularity, are also an important part of the cricket gear for protecting your arms from quick deliveries or a bumpy surface. Choose an arm guard that will never obstruct the motions and help you with your regular strokes.

Batting Pads

Batting pads are an integral part of the cricket kits and getting used to the pads is very important as it is necessary for every batter to always wear a batting pad while playing cricket. The most crucial part about wearing a batting pad is that the batter needs to rotate the strike with the pads on and it is vital to remember that running with and without the pads is quite different. The batsmen need to take extra efforts to match the pace of normal sprints while running with the pads. 

Make absolutely certain that you purchase a pair that is wearable and suits your legs appropriately. You can sense far more safety while playing if you acquire a decent pair of pads that fit your type and posture. While buying batting pads, the most important thing to consider is the distance of the pad from the kneecap to the instep of your shoes. 

Abdo guard

Abdo guard is used in the groin region and can never be avoided while batting. It is even used by players who field near to the batter since there are high chances of a stroke-play redirected towards them. It is in the shape of a box and is worn inside the jersey shirts.

 Since the gear is used for longer durations in a match, it is necessary that you find the most comfortable ones. The size and design of the guards can vary according to the manufacturers and there are no restrictions regarding that. The most simple type matches a typical sports cup and maybe worn beneath tight briefs. These are normally relatively inexpensive.  

The most difficult thing is the instability of the gear which can be shaky at times. So guards have these straps attached to them and they will be hooked to the hips to stable the guard. 


Chestguard is mostly used by novices during cricket matches and it is really important to use it when you are new to cricket. It is a guard used especially for the protection of the chest area. Chest guards are vital for batters because they efficiently protect their chest and kidney region.

These are made of superior cotton or allied fabric and it also ensure exceptional sweat absorption and durability. It is important to note that there should be no compromise made to the quality of materials of the guards since they will be in close contact with the skin. Good sweat absorbing material is highly necessary when it comes to chest guards.

 If you have a chest guard on, you can play short balls with more confidence since it minimizes the chance of injury while playing pull or hook shots. They are not used by many international cricketers since they are considered to limit flexibility. 

Thigh guard

Cricketers are often looking to ensure that they are adequately equipped in order to reduce injury throughout the match. Thigh pad is one such piece of equipment that is used by most cricketers while batting. Usually, top-quality foam and cloth are used to sew these thigh protectors. They are well regarded for their consistent effectiveness, sturdiness, tear-proof quality, compact size, and exceptional comfort.

Thigh pads are very much essential during batting because it is an area where the cricket ball is often met during batting. Things come close to a length where the bowlers are frequently bowling. To avoid any pain, use a thigh pad manufactured of superior stretchy fabric. The perfect thigh guard will fit comfortably across the thigh. The pad comes with a strap and is tied in the thigh area and it is worn underneath the jersey. 


Shoes are the most important part of the kit and professional cricket is always played wearing sports shoes that are specially designed to play the game of cricket. They are generally made up of PU, or polyurethane, which is artificial leather. It is exceptionally spongy to allow for full foot mobility. 

The sole of the shoe may vary and it can be selected in accordance with the type of ground where the game is played. Rubber sole shoes are used on harder surfaces with more grip and bowlers usually use shoes with rubber spikes for support. There are also shoes that come with spikes at the front and rubber heels at the back for extra grip. 

Flexibility, freshness, and adequate width are the main features of the PU fabric used to make cricket shoes. The midsole’s padding is particularly important since it protects the ankles and feet from harm.


A cricket game is never complete without the bat and choosing the perfect bat gives you many added advantages while playing the game. The correct bat will play a crucial role in shaping up a perfect batter and there are many great players who have their own favorite bats which gives them more confidence while batting. 

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There are many factors to take into consideration while selecting the correct bat for you which include the willow type, height, weight, and blade design. The feel that a bat gives you while striking the ball is the most important thing over anything. There are mainly two types of willows used for the manufacture of cricket bats. They are English Willow and Kashmir Willow.

 Another important factor to consider while purchasing a cricket bat is the size and shape of the bat. The cricket bat had gone through a considerable transition over the years and both heavyweight and weightless bats are used during cricket matches now. 


A cricket kit is an important component of the cricket game that protects itself from injuries. The quality of the equipment should be prioritized, and a major portion of the money should be set up for the purchase of the appropriate cricket equipment. So, before you try to buy a cricket kit make sure you cover all the important things that are discussed in this article.

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