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TSV Vs FCT: Fantasy Tips and Predictions That You Need

The rivalry between Moorburger TSV and First Contact is a famous one and thus, the match is an exciting one to watch. Both the 7th and 8th match will take place at the Kiel Cricket Ground and they will commence at 4:30 PM IST and 6:30 PM IST respectively. Due to that, there is a lot of action waiting for you and even more if Fan2Play Fantasy is something that you enjoy doing. If yes, go ahead and read more about the different kinds of tips and predictions that can help you seal the deal. 

A Brief Introduction

The Moorburger TSV and First Contact are two teams that have a lot to prove in this tournament. They are yet to showcase their true potential because they seem to be struggling at the moment. Their previous matches are an indication of the same as TSV lost to Kieler HTC and FCT to MTV Stallions. Due to that, a win for both these teams is crucial if they wish to get things going for the remainder of the tournament. 

Pitch and Weather Report 

The Kiel Cricket Ground has offered support for both the batsmen and the bowlers. However, it is the batsmen who have managed to reap a major share of the pitch and the ECS T10 Kiel has been a witness to the same. 

On the other hand, the weather seems to be on the brighter side as the temperature is expected to hover around 18℃ with 51% humidity and 10km’hr wind speed. Moreover, there are also no chances of precipitation during the game. 

Average 1st innings score

Thanks to the conditions put forward by the pitch, the average 1st innings score seems to stand at 68. However, that has not led most of the teams to victory because 60% of the matches have been won while chasing. As a result, the toss is an important factor that should always be considered. 

Probable Playing ⅩⅠ

Moorburger TSV – Azizgul Khalil, Deepak Prakash, Harish Chidanandappa, Sachin Tawde (Captain & Wicket-keeper), Shreyas Dutta, Shardul Joshi, Aditya Gopinath, Imran Tariq, Faizan Farooq, Arun Prakash & Samjit Chandran. 

First Contact – Akbar Jabarkhel (Wicket-keeper), Nassrullah Amla, Sadam Sherzad, Abdulrahman Amarkhail, Imran Hassan, Shaukat Ali, Zakhi Zakhil, Rahmanullah Hasan Kheil, Sharif Shafi (Captain), Salman Haider & Zahir Zakhil. 

The Captain

Captaincy picks for both these teams seem to be an obvious choice. Zahir Zakhil and Aditya Gopinath are the two names that would cross everyone’s mind. Since they were also impressive in their previous outings, it would make sense to choose one among the two as your team’s captain. However, when it comes to a 2-player team, you need to critically analyse and go with the better choice. 

Since a 19-ball 34 is quite impressive, we believe Zahir Zakhil should be your team’s captain.  

  1. 2-Man Squad : Zahir Zakhil (Captain) & Aditya Gopinath. 

When it comes to other formats, the likes of Arun Prakash, Shardul Joshi, Sadam Sherzad and Deepak Prakash can be added to boost your squad. All these individuals have stood out for their team and can easily take the game under their control. As a result, you can be flexible with these players and can make up the 3-player and 4-player squad with these players, while Zahir Zakhil remains the captain. 

  1. 3-Man Squad : Zahir Zakhil (Captain), Arun Prakash & Deepak Prakash.
  1. 4-Man Squad : Zahir Zakhil (Captain), Shardul Joshi, Sadam Sherzad & Aditya Gopinath. 

The 11-Player Squad

The different formats promoted by Fan2Play are exciting, but a proper playing ⅩⅠ is still what some would prefer to go for. As it helps you get closer to the action and brings forward the real spirit of the fantasy league, you will be left with all that you need. So to help form a proper playing ⅩⅠ, you need to move through the players that we have already mentioned and add some more firepower to the squad. Players who have managed to shine in the previous games need to be the right ones for your squad. 

So if we were to pick a squad of that nature, it would look like the following. 

  1. 11-Player Squad No.1 : Zahir Zakhil (Captain), Arun Prakash, Shardul Joshi, Imran Hassan, Aditya Gopinath, Sadam Sherzad, Deepak Prakash (Vice-captain), Harish Chidanandappa, Zaki Zakhil, Abdulrahman Amarkhail & Faizan Farooq. 
  1. 11-Player Squad No.2 : Zahir Zakhil (Captain), Aditya Gopinath (Vice-captain), Zakhi Zakhil, Sadam Sherzad, Abdulrahman Amarkhail, Faizan Farooq, Shreyas Dutta, Deepak Prakash, Shaukat Ali, Shardul Josh & Imran Hassan. 

Note: The playing range and talent showcased by Deepak Prakash is the main reason behind the player being named the Vice-captain. 

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