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Where to watch cricket live streaming?

Cricket fans can be found everywhere across the world, and cricket broadcasting services have enabled them to enjoy cricket at every moment and from any location. Cricket is regarded as the second most popular sport in the whole world. Cricket has grown in popularity for a variety of factors. As example, the sport is extremely exciting, with batters sprinting across grounds and bowlers swinging the ball at fast rates. Furthermore, cricket is a tactical sport in which teams must execute rapid judgements on the move in an attempt to prevail. 

Cricket’s popularity stems from its significant cultural component. This game is frequently performed as a group or society, connecting individuals across many different backgrounds. Since cricket is popular in nations such as England, Australia, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand, fans all across the globe enjoy watching games digitally. There is definitely something wonderful regarding uniting through this cherished sport, regardless of whether you’re supporting a regional side or a famous squad.

Cricket is often regarded as a cult in the large population of India. Some skip class and work to actually witness live games. Sometimes it is tough for cricket fans to enjoy the games which are not being broadcasted in respective countries. However, using live cricket video services, now it is feasible to watch the live game for anyone at any time and from any location. We will be listing out some of the most famous and unknown live streaming facilities available online which can be used as an alternative to television broadcasting. 

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Live Streaming Paid options

Willow TV

The Willow TV service now provides undoubtedly the greatest video streaming services accessible to Indian customers. This facility contains video streams of the biggest significant cricket competitions and all major events like the world cup. Users get accessibility to a broad range of viewing choices that are accessible in a number of different screens through something that to choose. In contrast to the numerous various games accessible to stream, audiences may keep track of the statistics of every  game that really is presently getting performed there at time. Willow TV is the best webcasting provider for cricket fans. The bulk of Willow TV’s entertainment is accessible in HD. Willow TV needs a payment subscription and a monthly membership is required for operation. 

SonyLIV Sports

SonyLIV has established themselves as the most followed cricket streaming website in contemporary India. They have some dedicated cricket channels in parallel with the streaming website and app which is available online. They have shifted their focus onto more cricket content recently and are working like magic. You can literally watch any sports including cricket on the SonyLIV platform. Additionally, the website offers complete scheduling of sporting events. Current cricket games are also being updated in the website for the convenience of users. The newest events and events in the realm of cricket are also shown on SonyLIV in addition to live sports broadcasting. SonyLIV includes a well-designed movie player which adjusts image resolution dependent on connection speeds. Finally, you may watch other popular entertainment and events on SonyLIV.


Hotstar is one popular site which enables viewers to watch cricket events as well as a broad range of many other popular Indian games. One can actually witness cricket, browse replays from previous games, a comprehensive schedule of game events, including everything from the latest popular sports information. This internet video site doesn’t really demand users to create a profile in order to use it. However there would be a five minute delay for non subscribed users. Hostar is owned by Disney and is home for some of the most famous tv shows and movies as well. However, they also have a major focus on the co-owned star productions and their cricket content. The most anticipated Indian Premier League was being streamed through hotstar till last year and is now shifted to other ott platforms. 


ESPNcricinfo is the second most functional sports webcasting website. You may actually witness sports broadcasts, get genuine statistical information, and browse comprehensive information and game insight. ESPNcricinfo broadcasts nearly each significant international tournament, such as Test Series, IPL, World Cup, and numerous others. One may track their favorite cricketers on ESPNcricinfo and keep in the loop on future games and results. Ultimately, ESPNcricinfo is a well-designed web page which would appeal to any fan of the sport. Even Though the service was initially launched as a website, it slowly had a transition into an application with huge demands. 


Sky Sports is a major sports service providing a platform spanning across nations like the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. They host live cricket broadcasts of each and every competition and are a frontrunner renowned for their high picture quality and services. You can simply navigate between every high octane event in sky sports. Even Though sky sports focus equally across all sports, they do have a dedicated sky sports cricket channel exclusively for cricket matches. This sports broadcasting video website is really filled with quality of clean and simple user interface. Sky Sports provides consistent viewing bandwidth in addition to high-quality footage.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one excellent source to access live sports events apart from the movie and series streaming which they are renowned for across the globe. Amazon introduced the program this year across a few locations, including New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Amazon Prime Video has excellent visual qualities, a leaderboard, and daily coverage. With Prime Video, users could watch ODIs, T20s, and Tests, plus amazon owns the permission to telecast every match that includes the New Zealand cricket team. Amazon is in plan for launching a separate app for sports content which is completely dedicated for video streaming. 


Contrary to the remaining services on our roundup, Fancode is a fresh sports broadcasting platform which is competitively affordable that allows users to watch most major games. Fancode recently busted into the contention of being the official streaming partner of the West Indies cricket team. The Fancode membership may be obtained by spending an annual or quarterly charge. Fancode features specialized iOS and Android applications that may enable anyone to watch sports events on the mobile adding towards the webpage. Fancode is legalized and therefore is founded and run by India’s premier sporting events software firm named Dream Sports.


BCCI.TV, offers video streams from all cricket tournaments for which India competes, irrespective of wherever the tournament is located throughout the globe. In fact, users would be enabled to obtain information and tallies for each of the many Indian games which are presently occurring.  BCCI TV is among the top platforms in cricket broadcasting and must be used for the whole nation. BCCI lets you watch all the action that is related to the Indian side whether it is the national side or domestic T20 matches. BCCI may likewise be accessed to examine the most recent sports headlines, verify online scores, and examine game schedules in addition to continuous sports broadcasting. The BCCI webpage is primarily accessible in Hindi. Basically, it’s an excellent service for streaming online cricket matches.

Live Streaming Unpaid options

Is it legal to use unpaid cricket streaming services?

Before you explore the following options one must clearly understand that all these websites are illegal under jurisdiction. There are a vast majority of people who are unable to afford the paid options to stream live cricket. We are listing out some of the top free unpaid options available for everyone. 


Watchcric allows individuals to witness live cricket broadcast events from anywhere around the globe. The website has numerous links of every cricket provider from everywhere. You can find a plethora of sports streaming options particularly cricket listing out all major tournaments like India- Pakistan or Australia- England. Watchcric is one of the oldest free streaming websites available in India. Most people are unaware of the fact that websites like watchcric are prominent in the country. 


CricketWorld highlights all aspects of the game. Its website is organized into several areas. One may actually witness sports broadcasting updates of global sports events, leagues, and competitions inside the play area. The most previous game statistics may be found in the live area; there are segments devoted towards ongoing, just ended, prospective, and archival tales. One may even explore different areas to view additional relevant stuff, such as headlines, sports gambling, cricket forecasts, etc.

My Live Cricket

My Live Cricket is one of the most famous free cricket streaming websites available online. It provides a service dedicated entirely to streaming media sports events. It is utilized by a large number of cricket lovers worldwide all around the globe to follow the actual activity of the games which people are fascinated with.  The webpage doesn’t really offer continuous tallies or sports updates, because it broadcasts in extremely excellent resolution, none of these features are really relevant.


VipBox was once regarded as being some of the best venues for watching online sports, however it has witnessed a considerable fall in reputation throughout subsequent times like a consequence to their emergence of other companies which provide a broader range of offerings. Notwithstanding these, it remains a good option when watching sports, particularly cricket. The visuals are of good resolution, and there was no annoying music which seemed to interrupt the viewing session every time they attempted to view anything.


Webcric was originally created largely for enabling people to follow broadcast sports events online on smartphones from every place. Customers simply have to surf online as well as through smart phones. The platform acquired quite a bit of popularity in India since it allows customers to stream material through either of numerous distinct locations. The webpage lacks sports blogging and daily feeds, which is totally okay since it shows the proprietors were entirely concerned on providing good presentations to its clients.

Time 4TV

Time 4TV is an online service which provides customers with unlimited admission for a large range of programs. For actually broadcasting cricket games digitally, simply decide the broadcast network is hosting that event and afterwards select the network upon that video premises.  Since there were around 70 various sport channels to pick between, one must be capable of finding the game which one needs to watch.

Batman Stream

This is an excellent site which enables users to enjoy regular streaming sports. Several surveys are already being done, as well as the answers consistently reveal that Batman Stream is among the biggest web pages for viewing cricket internet games. In this web page, users might just enjoy data about any ongoing game of cricket. When anyone isn’t able to navigate the webpage owing to geographical restrictions, users would need to use a VPN connection.

Latest live streaming websites


Reddit may potentially be utilized to actually watch sports matches. Although this prominent digital networking platform cannot offer cricket broadcasts, users may locate unauthorized connections to view cricket games in various postings. One may create subreddits for test series, T20s, IPL, and many others in conjunction towards the main forum. Moreover, Reddit facilitates communication among fellow cricket lovers. The sole disadvantage of using Reddit as just a sports content delivery system is because users are not capable of discovering and broadcasting any active sports game.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can also be used when customers require rapid game recaps.  Google delivers the most recent sports live scoring with all important domestic and worldwide sports events. One may also tailor this Google search stream for the cell phone to receive the most updated announcements on results and timetables straight on the start menu. Google actually lets people select their preferred squad. Ultimately, Google Assistant is an excellent method to keep up with live scoring and the newest sports news.


Eventhough facebook is primarily used to connect people, it can also be used to stream cricket matches. The prevalent interpersonal platform of Facebook is also an underrated regular streaming sports video content platform. To witness a sporting event on Facebook, try typing “Cricket” into the lookup bar. Still navigate to the video content segment. Finally, under the stream filtering, pick Streaming to actually view live games. Facebook offers a robust video player which adjusts picture resolution dependent on the bandwidth of connection.

Live Streaming Applications


CricBuzz is among the most popular cricket-related smartphone apps. It intends to include highlights for across all ICC matches that also covers T20 and World Cup competitions. Furthermore, it ensures that major national tournaments, such as the Big Bash, Indian Premier League, and the Ashes series, are covered. Cricbuzz is one of the most popular applications that has video streams as well as stats regarding every cricket match ranging from domestic and international games. 


ESPN app is one of the most popular sports news applications. This is among the greatest popular applications, and for good reason. When visitors can’t survive enough cricket and would like to understand everything about the game, ESPNCricInfo is the ultimate choice. This smartphone tool had first been released as a computer version, but due to high demand, it must have been finally converted to a smartphone device. The ESPN app has all the options for searching stats as well as live stream options. 

Yahoo! Cricket App

Yahoo! Cricket App, even as the term indicates, was created and therefore is operated by Yahoo. THe app also contains live cricket streaming facilities. This is among the greatest popular features for getting live game information including statistics. It’s indeed accessible to be used on smartphones and may be purchased through the Google Play Store absolutely unrestricted. Each ball has its own narrative with ball by ball commentary.  Each player and club has a description and data.

Jio TV

Jio TV, which provides accessibility for a large choice of regular online sports stations. The applications have a variety of programs that are indeed accessible on the JioTV homepage. They purely focus on sports like they do for movies and have a dedicated section for every sporting event that is currently occurring across the globe. They also have a dedicated channel which functions everyday on the app. The JioTV is slowly growing as one of the most popular streaming platforms for both sports as well as movies and series online.

Airtel Xtream

Airtel Xstream is accessible over the internet using an airtel sim card. You need to verify your account by logging in with an airtel sim card. You also gain accessibility to a large range of networks. Airtel recently has offered low-cost Xstream subscription packages that help customers stay inside the limit. For witnessing actual sports activity, users may smoothly move from both the application as well as the webpage. Airtel additionally offers a variety of innovative services to enhance the customer experiences.

Advantage of Streaming Live Cricket

It spares us valuable time which  is extremely valuable to everyone. Several people want to keep it. Learning over cricket updates might help anyone spare a bit of effort. Because of your hectic lifestyle, people might never have the opportunity to keep up with cricket games by witnessing it in real life. Obtaining live streaming is thus far greater advantageous. People are not required to view a repeat afterwards and spend the energy here either. One may observe it online while going about their normal everyday routines.

If you’re going to witness a game of sports, you really would like to learn everything there is to understand regarding it. One of the most crucial aspects is the outcome. Cricket fans want to stay up to date on the latest developments in the game. Some people are depressed because they are unable to do so. In this situation, everyday responsibilities operate as an impediment. Pressures might prevent us from sitting and watching a game for prolonged periods of time. If you are streaming the game, you have the choice to switch between the game according to your interests.

People’s existence revolves on wealth in some way. It is critical to save it. One may conserve bandwidth by viewing streaming events. Fans may enjoy sports in the comfort of their own residences. Nobody is compelled to see sports on broadcast. A live sporting event’s news might save customers from having to visit the arena to find other results. One could remain in their personal space and yet keep up on the results especially if you ‘re occupied doing different activities.

Everybody wishes for their nation to triumph in the game of cricket. Whenever people watch the identical thing in a televised game, it causes individuals to feel even happier. The next generation prefers live contests. Many consider this to be among the greatest ways to appreciate sport. Individuals that play sport initially, in particular, might progressively develop a fascination with sport over a period. It is only possible if indeed the crowd is rendered more comfortable. Streaming sport is however another media that may capture the interest of a large number of people. It could give the spectators the nicest sensation they’ve always felt.

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