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IPL Schedule 2022: Full Schedule of the Tata IPL 2022 Announced

The brand new edition of the Indian Premier League is set to start on March 26. There will be 10 teams this season who will play for the title, which makes the competition more tough and exciting. The final of the IPL is set to be played on May 29. The nation will be in a festive mood as the 10 teams will sweat it out for the ultimate glory in a span of two months. The BCCI has now officially announced the full schedule of the tournament, with less than three weeks to go until it begins. The opening match of the tournament will take place between the defending champions, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), and the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). 

Apart from the addition of two new teams, the format of the tournament has also shifted from the regular one to something different. Earlier it used to be two games each for every side, one that would happen in their home ground and another as an away match on the opposition turf. But, this year with the addition of two new teams, the BCCI has to limit the games to in and around 70 matches, so that the window allotted for the tournament doesn’t go beyond. And for that matter, these 10 teams are put in two groups as Group A and Group B based on the history of success, namely the number of titles and finals they have appeared in since the first edition of the tournament. 

As a result, Group A is made up of the Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, and newcomers Lucknow SuperGiants. Group B includes the Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Punjab Kings, and newcomer Gujarat Titans.

All league matches set to be played in Maharashtra

As previously announced, all IPL 2022 league games are scheduled at four places: three in Mumbai and one in Pune. Wankhede and DY Patil Stadiums each will host 20 games, while Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai and MCA Stadium in Pune will each host 15 games.

According to the schedule, the first double-header of the season will be held on March 27. This season, there will be a lot more double-header days, since the number of games has increased due to the arrival of two new teams. The Maharashtra state has also agreed to allow 25% of all league matches throughout the IPL. The location of the playoffs has yet to be determined. The IPL 2022 schedule has been released.

Here’s the IPL 2022 Schedule:

Match No.
1SaturdayMarch 26, 2022CSK vs KKR
7:30 PM
Wankhede Stadium
2SundayMarch 27, 2022DC vs MI3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
March 27, 2022

7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
4MondayMarch 28, 2022GT vs LSG
7:30 PM
Wankhede Stadium
5TuesdayMarch 29, 2022SRH vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
6WednesdayMarch 30, 2022RCB vs KKR7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
7ThursdayMarch 31, 2022
7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
8FridayApril 1, 2022
7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
9SaturdayApril 2, 2022
MI vs RR
3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
10SaturdayApril 2, 2022
GT vs DC
7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
11Sunday April 3, 2022
7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
12Monday April 4, 2022 SRH vs LSG7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
13TuesdayApril 5, 2022
7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
14Wednesday April 6, 2022 KKR vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
15Thursday April 7, 2022 LSG vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
16Friday April 8, 2022 PBKS vs GT7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
17Saturday April 8, 2022 CSK vs SRH3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
18Saturday April 8, 2022 RCB vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
19Sunday April 9, 2022 KKR vs DC3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
20Sunday April 9, 2022 RR vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
21Monday April 10, 2022 SRH vs GT7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
22Tuesday April 11, 2022 CSK vs RCB7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
23Wednesday April 12, 2022 MI vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
24Thursday April 14, 2022 RR vs GT7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
25Friday April 15, 2022 SRH vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
26Saturday April 16, 2022 MI vs LSG3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
27Saturday April 16, 2022 DC vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
28Sunday April 17, 2022
3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
29Sunday April 17, 2022 GT vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
30Monday April 18, 2022 RR vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
31Tuesday April 19, 2022 LSG vs RCB7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
32Wednesday April 20, 2022 DC vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
33Thursday April 21, 2022 MI vs CSK7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
34FridayApril 22, 2022DC vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
35Saturday April 23, 2022 KKR vs GJ3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
36Saturday April 23, 2022 RCB vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
37Sunday April 24, 2022 LSG vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
38Monday April 25, 2022 PBKS vs CSK7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
39Tuesday April 26, 2022 RCB vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
40Wednesday April 27, 2022 GT vs SRH
7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
41Thursday April 28, 2022 DC vs KKR
7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
42Friday April 29, 2022 PBKS vs LSG7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
43 Saturday April 30, 2022 GT vs RCB3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
44Saturday April 30, 2022 RR vs MI7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
45SundayMay 1, 2022DC vs LSG3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
46SundayMay 1, 2022SRH vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
47MondayMay 2, 2022KKR vs RR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
48TuesdayMay 3, 2022GT vs PBKS7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
49WednesdayMay 4, 2022RCB vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
50ThursdayMay 5, 2022DC vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
51FridayMay 6, 2022GT vs MI7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
May 7, 2022
PBKS vs RR3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
May 7, 2022
LSG vs KKR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
May 8, 2022
SRH vs RCB3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
May 8, 2022
CSK vs DC7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
May 9, 2022
MI vs KKR7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
May 10, 2022

7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
May 11, 2022

RR vs DC
7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
May 12, 2022
CSK vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
May 13, 2022
RCB vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
May 14, 2022
KKR vs SRH7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
62SundayMay 15, 2022CSK vs GT3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
63SundayMay 15, 2022LSG vs RR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
64MondayMay 16, 2022PBKS vs DC7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
65TuesdayMay 17, 2022MI vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
66WednesdayMay 18, 2022KKR vs LSG7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
67ThursdayMay 19, 2022RCB vs GT7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
68FridayMay 20, 2022
7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
69SaturdayMay 21, 2022
MI vs DC7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
70SundayMay 22, 2022

7:30 PMWankhede Stadium

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